Nightingale, Ronnie & The Haydocks / The Complete Early Years (CD)

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Hey! You! Wait! / Rockin' Haydocks / Why Did You Take My Heart Away / You Can Do Anything / C'mon Baby Let's Move / If Love Isn't Real Love / Heartbroken Love / Hey, What's Your Name / Blade Runner / I Don't Know / Oh Me, Oh My Marianne / Wrong One / X-mas Day / Lonesome X-mas / Rockin' Mama / I Love Anette / Lonesome Together / Wing-Ding / Everybody's Got a Date But Me / Let's Go Crazy / Wild One / Pretty Pearly / Long Blond Hair (Revival Rock 'n' Roll)


Ronnie Nightingale & The Haydocks come from the Netherlands and started at the beginning of the 80s. At the height of the Rock 'n' Roll Revival they released a number of records on the Belgium Mac Records label. This CD comprises their first Mac-LP entitled "Hey, You, Let's Rock", the three 45s released on Mac as well as the EP that was released on Kind Ed Records in 1999.

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