Silvertones / Trapped by ... (Vinyl LP)

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CHER-LP 401118
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Side A
1. Only the Devil
2. Bumble Bee
3. Do You Love Me
4. Give Me Some Love
5. Lover's Rock

Side B
1. Mouldered Johnny
2. Stack A Records
3. High School Princess
4. Funnel of Love
5. Black Boy Jacky

Genre: Rockabilly

With the new longplayer entitled "Trapped by ...", the Silvertones, who come from the North of Germany, present their second album. Four years after their debut album "Hi-Ho-Silver Radio" and almost a year of hard work in the studio, they again have come up with a surprise bag filled with Rockabilly und Rock 'n' Roll tunes of different styles.
They let rip with Desperate Rock 'n' Roll tunes such as "High School Princess", have an eye on Tarantino with their Outlaw-Texmex-Western ballad "Only the Devil", deliver catchy Neo Rockabilly with the zombie B-movie inspired "Mouldered Johnny", and finally let you feel the atmosphere of the 50s in Germany with Paul Würges' "Black Boy Jacky". Apart from the Silvertones originals, the CD includes some carefully picked cover songs such as LaVern Baker's "Bumble Bee" oder Wanda Jackson's "Funnel of Love" on which they place their own mark.