Hellabama Honky Tonks / Barbershop of Death (CD)

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1.  Long Live Rock'n'Roll
2.  When My Baby Gets Drunk
3.  This Ain't a Lovesong
5.  Leoslip Sally
6.  Mean Woman
8.  Countryboy Country
9.  What's on Your Mind
10. Funnel of Love
11. Hurricane Twist
12. Where the Hell Did My Front Teeth Go?
13. Barbershop of Death

Genre: Neo Rockabilly - Rockin' Blues - Psychobilly

The "Hellabama Honky Tonks" come from Bavaria, and "Barbershop of Death" is the their third album. It contains 12 originals and only one cover song, namely "Funnel of Love". Their music is a mixture of Neo Rockabilly, Rockin' Blues and Psychobilly.