Knife, Johnny & His Rippers / Sharp as a Razor (CD)

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1.  Are You A Ted?
2. Piccadilly Panic
3. Blue Too
4. Arrow
5. Ponytail
6. Forty Miles
7. Ariel One
8.  Girl I Don't Like You
9.  Shakin' All Over Again
10. At the 2i's
11. One Beetle Cusher, One Blue Suede Shoe
12. Morning Glory
13. Diamonds Of Glass
14. Keep On Loving You Baby
15. Time To Say Goodbye

Genre: Teddyboy Rock 'n' Roll - British-style Rockabilly

Johnny Knife and the Rippers are a German-Norwegian band project with member from three other well-known Teddyboy bands, namely John Sindre Lynghaug from Rebels Revenge, Sven Schürmann from the Foggy Mountain Rockers and Christian Hochmuth from the Town Rebels. "Sharp as a Razor" is their second album. Their debut album entitled "Sinister Street" was released in 2012.