Foggy Mountain Rockers / Ein Herz für Teds II - 25 Wild Rockin' Years (CD)

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1.   Love’s to Blame
2.   One More Chance
3.   Sunrise
4.   I Do
5.   Honey Bun
6.   You Belong to Me
7.   Another Lazy Sunday
8.   Let’s Rock the Town
9.   My Little Teddy Girl
10. Wild Side of Life
11. Graduation Day
12. Thousand Stars
13. It Don’t Take But a Few Minutes
14. Rockin’ Bones
15. Crossfire
16. Cast Iron Arm
17. Midnighter
18. Nothing Else Matters

Genre: British-style Rockabilly – Teddyboy Rock’n’Roll

They were founded in 1992 and have become one of the most popular bands of the Teddyboy sceen: the Foggy Mountain Rockers. On the occasion of the 25th stage anniversary, they released an album entitled "Ein Herz für Teds II (which means "A heart for Teds") - 25 Wild Rockin' Years" with 18 cover songs presented in their own way and typical sound.