Blue Ribbon Four / Let's Bop Tonight (vinyl LP)

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Part-LP 3112.004
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Side 1

1.  Let's Boogie
2.  Coconut Jump
3.  Hidden Streams
4.  Your Love Can Heal a Broken Heart
5.  Rock Me Mama
6.  Dream Along Little Baby
7.  Mademoiselle My Belle

Side 2

1.  Sawgrass Chopper
2.  Hot Gal's Sister
3.  Forty Miles to See My Baby
4.  Get Your Ass Out of My Chair Boy
5.  It's Hard to Play
6.  Wacky Daddy
7.  Let's Bop Tonight (alternative version)

Genre: 50s-style Rock 'n' Roll & Rockabilly with pumpin' piano

Year of release: 2017

Condition: new, unplayed, shrinkwrapped